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White magic spells

White magic spells
White magic, also called natural magic is magic that is used with good intentions. The opposite is black magic. Not everyone makes a distinction between these forms of magic: so, for example, many Christians reject all the magic and find bad.
White magic is historically linked to pagan nature worship and fertility cults in which gods and goddesses conveniently had to be voted for a good harvest. Modern pagan religions like Wicca practice they say only "white magic".
White magic is in our time often associated with stereotypical feminine concepts like that of a mother goddess, nature spirits, unity with nature and the worship of the goddess.
We are reading about so many things related to magic, we are finding good spell caster and practitioners of magic for different purpose, but what I see is many of us do not even know what is magic. So today we will talk only about what is white magi and where it began and how is it used in today modern world.

According to the usage magic is classified into two categories, the use of super natural powers or what is known as white magic and the use of paranormal powers or what is known as black magic, however white magi is considered to be the good part and the brighten side of the dark magic or black magic. White magic is considered to be harmless and is considered to be used for meaningful and self-defence purpose. White magic practices the traditional pagan nature worship and hence is also known as the natural form of magic or natural magic.

White magic all started from the Palaeolithic era. During this time the religious views were such in tend that people started to believe in spirits and deities. They started believing that communication with different forms of spirits are possible, and that the blessings from these spirits would keep them fertile and would help them cultivate more agriculture, thus from this period onwards people started worshiping many forms of god and goddesses who were offered offerings on a hill top based shrine. People thought of that praying to these god and goddesses would keep them fertile and help them with more vegetation. The existence of white magic can also be traced back to the ancient Egyptian time and it is also believed that the early Jews had seen the worshiping of different forms of god and goddesses before the Roman Empire arrived.

In the late 1400 era, the Catholic Church also gave importance to white magic and thus white magic was a much talked about topic between the upper class, with guidance from Marsilio Ficino who proved that the existence of spirits is true, people came in more light about white magic. However Ficino concentrated more on natural magic which did not required any invocation of spirits neither the same was used for harmful activity. Like already mentioned the early Christian also believed in supernatural powers, and the star is one of the proofs of the same, even the bible has many verses which talks about white magic. White magic grew to be more well-known during the era of the inquisition and anti-witchcraft time. It was such that a time came when white magic was known as the high magic and black magic was known as the low magic.

Later in the modern era, as we all developed and more researches were done. White magic was broadly defined by many by stating that white magic is a super natural form of magic used for doing good to someone. According to Robert Place, all prehistoric shamanistic magic that was practiced was a form of white magic used for helping others.

In some researches and readings it has been also found that basically those who practiced white magic used to worship goddesses than gods, different forms of deities where worshiped by the practitioners of white magic. It was such believed that worshiping the different forms of goddesses would keep them fertile, wealthy and healthy, for each and different problems they had a different form of deity to praise and worship to.

Today white magic is practiced in many forms; one of the forms much known to mankind is the Wiccan religion or the practice of Wicca. Witches who practice Wicca are said to practice white magic and that they use the natural powers present in the nature to heal and cure. Many parts of America, Australia, Africa and France have got this religion and are practiced; even Asian countries are also adopting the practice of Wicca. Wiccan followers believe in the threefold effect and would never use the white magic to harm anyone for any reason, rather they perform rituals to communicate with the natural spirits present specifically during the day time and take help from them to heal and help others. 

Well, by now you have a great and detailed idea on what is white magic, where it came from, how it came and where it is practiced in the modern world. So with all this knowledge now when you approach any spell caster for any kind of spell requirement you would know the difference when the caster would tell you that whether he or she practices white or black magic.

Black magic

Black magic
We have spoken a lot about "black magic", how powerful it is and how it can help us achieve the impossible task and give us solutions to most of our problems, but everything comes in with good and bad part, so today we will talk about the dangers of black magic or let me put it this way, today we will talk about black magic’s dangers. In one word just to begin on what we would know more today, black magic is also known as hostile magic. Some of the black magic’s dangers include the direct harm danger, when you use black magic to harm someone by summoning evil forces and asking them to harm someone the forces act through you, they get into your body first to acquire the necessary powers and then they go on to harm the person, but doing this you are opening up yourself to get harm. Another black magic danger could be the release of violent abuse, yes when you are commanding evil forces to harm someone they perform their task but again you do not return them back to from where they came from hence they are left in this world, open and with the same goal of harming someone, since that was what was asked to be done by them. We can also classify black magic’s danger to be of another type which gives out a long time effect.

Black magic’s danger is always at ease when you perform black-magic to harm someone, because all such black magic are thrown back, that is they start from you and end it in you, hence you get the harm when they start and when they return back, it is you who is hurt even more than the person on whom you cast the harmful black magic spell. It is such believed that wrong use or abuse or negative use of powers would always drain your powers away from you, hence though you are not aware of the fact but performing black magic to harm someone gets you in the danger of losing your powers. In addition to this let me also clear out that the acts of harming someone using black magic is mostly made by communicating with sinful souls who are waiting in the lowest astral plane near the bloody river to cross it, but since they are full of vengeance and hate hence they are not able to and thus they wait to get a way to cross the river, black magic communicates with these souls and gives them the cause to cross the river, but when the same is not fulfilled even after they fulfil the task given to them, then they start harming the person who communicated with them.

Even in modern witchcraft practice you will see that the learned people have quoted that the black magic’s danger is found in terms of it recoiling, that is once the spell is casted it comes back to the person who casts the spell. According to Hindu and Christian beliefs they have few laws the main being the karmic law and the rest being the return law and the three fold effect law, which clearly informs us that if you do harm using means which are not natural or using means which are forced, then the same harm would return to you, since you let out violence, hatred, vengeance into the world along with negative vibrations and energies, which will just grow more and more and then return back to you, since it was generated from you so it will finish with you, harming you to the extent.

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Popular Wiccan Spell

Become Popular Wiccan Spell
I would do some serious soul-searching before doing this spell because some things you wish for aren’t what you thought they were cracked to be. This can work in so many ways so think carefully. You just need a brown candle, attraction oil, a charged crystal (rose for love/attraction, citrine for money/abundance ) a dry erase board and marker (I got mine from the dollar store!) and a mirror.

Some people can do spells without magickal tools but I feel that we evolved from being primitive apes through the use of tools. Some of us, me included, still have that connection to our ancestors who lived on and from the land. Tools help us feel the energy to be able to manipulate it. So use the tools that you have and make this spell work.

Write an affirmation about your new life as a popular person. Remember to stay away from vain and narcissistic requests. Example: I am so happy that I always have someone to sit with at lunch. I am so happy that we hang out together and are real friends. I am so happy that I am healthy and able to wear all the stylish clothes. I am so happy that my YouTube channel is popular and for my 1k subscribers! Thank you Goddess!

How I became herbalist
I was born to a father with a lot of land and animals so I didn’t think about going to school. I don’t regret that – I still learned counting and other useful things. I had an elder sister and five brothers. My sister and one brother have passed away. Three of my brothers went to other places to look for more land and one is still around.

I learned African traditional herbal remedy from my father like my father learned it from his father and he also from his father. It’s a long history. My father taught my brother, his oldest son. It is a tradition that the youngest or oldest son is taught, not the children in between. But my elder brother passed away, so my father started to teach me when I was 10 years old because my aunt saw the special talent in me.
My dad took me to the forest often to learn. Ten times we went there together, and he taught me everything about plants and herbs. He told me which herbs are used for which diseases. After that he made a small cut in my arm with his knife, smeared the wound with herbs and said: “Now you are ready to go by yourself to the forest”. This empowers me to collect herbs and plants by myself. Making small cuts into people’s skin is still part of my healing treatments, it heals diseases or decreases pain.

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Spells for marriage commitment

Spells for marriage commitment
Marriage is a commitment. It is hard work. It makes you married not happy. Sure you can divorce but no matter how awful it was there is a serious emotional and often financial stress overload with it. Even the person who left doesn’t escape unscathed by the emotional fatigue and burden of a very trying ordeal. Divorce is not a solution to a bad marriage. The solution is to choose wisely and with a long-term vision in mind. Values-based marriages are bypassed in favor of youth, folly, passion, lust, and obligation to Marriage pressure.

Marry me spell

Marry me spell
Marriage is shared resources, credit rating, children, obligations, fidelity (which many seem to struggle against these days), and so forth. You can’t just walk out… you made this choice… just like having a child there are some life altering choices to which there is a point of no return. Marriage vows are irreversible and even without children the experiences of that relationship and other person never leaves you. If any of you, male or female, have ever dated a single parent, you will most likely experience the heartbreak of being last on the list to the original partner.
Since many people have found the one they want to spend their lives with, and want to settle down, but cannot get that one special person to commit to marriage. This spell is for those who are sure they have found the one they can't live without.  If that person is not ready to marry or stalls in some way, without making the commitment to marry you, you have found the right spell.

"Simple love spells for winning a man"

"Simple love spells for winning a man"
If you want it to work you must be willing to go all the way and accept the consequences. How badly do you want their heart? How badly do you want their body? Do you care that it may only be temporary? Will you do it anyway if it only lasts for a month, a year? "Love spells" can’t last forever if the desire is not mutual, but especially not spells of lust. Once it wears off it will be replaced with disgust. But if the spark is already there, such magic can only intensify it. Although you should often interact with your man, this should be done at short intervals. Make calls to him. Send him text messages and show him love whenever the opportunity strikes. However, you should also allow him to have some space. Do not clutter his being with insistent intrusions and unnecessary attempts at winning his love. The most infamous mistake that females make is to revolve around their partner and completely making them sleepless. Do not be sad, be aware that there will always be moments and a couple would like to be alone.

About Idrisa Muyambi (Top Love Spells)

Hi everyone. I was born in Southern Kenya so many years ago. There I made my first steps in religion and witchcraft. I traveled the world learning from great masters. I have been practicing

Love Spells casting for 9yrs and have strong spiritual connection. I was actually raise in a christian household but my aunt and grandmother always practiced witchcraft. I am a witch and embrace its full definition.I grow the plants with
healing magic

roots associated with our art for millennia, I curse, I collect bones, I work rites of folk magic, and I read tarot cards, tea leaves and palms. I can be found in the woods,  under the moonlight, by a fire, and in forgotten graveyards.  You can see healing herbs in my garden, a soothing elixir to heal a broken heart in my pantry, and me, in my kitchen, cooking delicious meals. Brought up on the folklore and fairy tales of my Juba and East African ancestors, but also immersed in the myths, legends, and traditions of First Nations people, my work is heavily influenced by the lore, flora and fauna of both the Old and New Worlds. An animist and naturalist, my temple is an old growth forest, my gods are the genius loci and the ancestors, and my familiar spirits are the animals, insects, plants and trees.

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