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Healing Witchery Services:

Healing Witchery Services:
Religious Marriage Healing Spells

Full Moon Love Spellbind

Love Casting Using Love Charm Amulets

Spell Casting Through Breathing
Marry Me Black Magic Prayers
Home Cleansing Using Hoga Smoke
Free Sleeping Spells For Students
Remove Curse from One's Goodluck Channels
Bonding Witchery Casting
African Magic Ring To Wear At All Time
Success in Business Bewitchment
Information About Wiccan Witch and Pegan
Black Magic Or White Magic For Good Fortune
Free Herbal Healing For Above 65 Years Of Age
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Ceremonial Knife Used for Magical
An Athame is a ceremonial knife or dagger used for magical purposes. As such, it traditionally has two blades and usually a black or dark handle. In Europe, Athame are often used as a ritual object of modern witches, who refer to medieval, Celtic customs.The Athame, also known as the ceremonial knife of witches, is associated with magic, occult and esotericism. The ritual dagger is an important object of the Wicca cult. However, contrary to what is often assumed, the Athame is not used on a practical level for cutting or even as a weapon but carries a strong symbolic function. It is intended to concentrate and direct magical abilities, cut and merge energies, or serve, or summon higher beings. The black handle prescribed by many traditions is based on the theory of absorption, according to which part of the directed energy is swallowed up over the blade. Religious ceremonies, ceremonial signs and inscriptions on the Athame are intended to reinforce his magical abilities and those of his bearer. He is also used to draw a circle. Depending on the tradition of the practicing witch, the Athame stands for the element air or fire. Some of the Athame are worn like an amulet on a neck. The Wicca cult also knows another knife, usually by a white handle different from the Athame, which is used for practical purposes, for the carving of wands and collecting herbs and is called Bolline.

The Name of a Higher Power

The Name of a Higher Power
It should be apparent, then, that the Bible doesn’t contain only sweetness and light and the works of a “good” God the way many modern people might prefer it.  Rather, it contains a mix of history, folklore, philosophy, and even some occult information straddling the line of morality on all accounts.  Rather than viewing it through the light of today, when we might not understand why anyone would resort to cursing in the name of a higher power, it is helpful to have a little more perspective.  Theologian Tomas O Curraoin writes about curses in an article for the Irish Catholic Digest the Furrow:
“The stand taken by the Old Testament was certainly uncompromising; whereas the contemporary world which influences us all is, to say the least, more accommodating. The maledictions found in the psalms are merely an expression of that fundamental attitude of the Old Testament to evil and to evil-doers. They take their origin in certain human situations, and express an attitude to God, to Life, to the cosmic struggle between good and evil, which is certainly not characteristic of the world-attitude today. In fact, there is no question of justifying, in the sense of excusing, the use of curses in the psalms. The psalms are inspired, and do not need to be justified…” (from “The Malediction in the Psalms”)

Pure Witch Spell Casting
There is a fundamental key to regaining our place in the universe but it can’t come to fruition without a few key elements which are a commitment, dedication, willingness to make your path a priority, and helping others to find their way back to the source of our existence.

Our Guarantee
At Top Love Spells, we understand that you might be skeptical about the power of spell casting, metaphysics, and astrology. But we’re not. People come to us looking for spells that work. We are so sure that our products and services will work for you, we offer an unconditional ONE-YEAR money back guarantee. So, you’ve got nothing to lose!
If you are not completely satisfied with any item or service you are served, we will refund your money for up to one full year after the service was taken. When our guarantee was introduced in 2014, some customers were skeptical. Friends and business acquaintances told us we were being foolish. However, it’s been one of the keys to our success. We cherish our thousands of repeat customers, many of whom we know by name.
Our one year unconditional guarantee assures our customers they will be satisfied, or they will receive their money back. Period. No questions asked.
To request a refund, please contact us:

Advanced Money Spells
To Open Wide The Gates Of Wealth PossibilitiesI feel uncomfortable putting advanced spells in this article. Thousands of people will be reading this, and there is no way for me to tell if everyone who gets a hold of it will be ready for advanced spells. (spells that will change your life in ways you have never dreamed)One thing I must say at the beginning here is to be very careful about casting Black Magic Spells you find for free on the internet. You never know who the person is who created. In order to be able to earn a lot of money, you need a good mindset, and vigilant thinking. This Spell will help you see make the right financial decisions, which will result in obtaining lots of money! No one ever complains that they have too much money, and I doubt you would either!

Free Healing Spells
"Healing spells" are some of the most popular types of magick, after Love and Money Spells, of course. Unfortunately, spells for health can be tricky because they involve a lot more than the subtle influences used to find a partner or gain some financial improvements. Doing magick to physically heal the body is not always successful because you are trying to influence some very concrete physical conditions. Of course, I'm talking about physical healing when I say that. Healing spells for emotional wounds are a little different. I'll get to those later. For now, here are some basic health spells for physical healing, as well as some more specifically "Wiccan healing spells" also. You can find "healing spells" related to fertility on other web pages.

Lost Love Spells

Lost Love Spells
If you love someone, then that love must be perceived by the other person and returned in some fashion if anything is going to develop. The whole process of courting a potential lover is getting that exchange to occur. This is called mutual attraction, and if it doesn’t exist or even have the potential for existing, then forget about anything further happening. Thus getting your beloved’s attention so that they will focus on you is the first important step. However, that is just the beginning.  You have to somehow appeal to what that other person desires in some manner (or stumble upon it by accident), so changing and augmenting how you look, act and even smell is important. I might also add that people who are considered naturally attractive usually have more confidence in their ability to attract others to them. The rest of us who are not so endowed must make the best of what we have. Yet certainly attractive clothes and an attractive style can make up for what one lacks in stature, physique and appearance - at least to a point..
Healing Services

1: Love Voodoo
2: Goodluck
3: Binding
4: African-Muti
5: Black casting
6: Traditional Heal
7: African voodoo
8: White-magic
9: Spiritual guide
10: Lost-love
11: Remove curse

Healing Witchery Services:

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