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Healing Witchery Services:

Healing Witchery Services:
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Ceremonial Knife Used for Magical
An Athame is a ceremonial knife or dagger used for magical purposes. As such, it traditionally has two blades and usually a black or dark handle. In Europe, Athame are often used as a ritual object of modern witches, who refer to medieval, Celtic customs.The Athame, also known as the ceremonial knife of witches, is associated with magic, occult and esotericism. The ritual dagger is an important object of the Wicca cult. However, contrary to what is often assumed, the Athame is not used on a practical level for cutting or even as a weapon but carries a strong symbolic function. It is intended to concentrate and direct magical abilities, cut and merge energies, or serve, or summon higher beings. The black handle prescribed by many traditions is based on the theory of absorption, according to which part of the directed energy is swallowed up over the blade. Religious ceremonies, ceremonial signs and inscriptions on the Athame are intended to reinforce his magical abilities and those of his bearer. He is also used to draw a circle. Depending on the tradition of the practicing witch, the Athame stands for the element air or fire. Some of the Athame are worn like an amulet on a neck. The Wicca cult also knows another knife, usually by a white handle different from the Athame, which is used for practical purposes, for the carving of wands and collecting herbs and is called Bolline.

The Name of a Higher Power

The Name of a Higher Power
It should be apparent, then, that the Bible doesn’t contain only sweetness and light and the works of a “good” God the way many modern people might prefer it.  Rather, it contains a mix of history, folklore, philosophy, and even some occult information straddling the line of morality on all accounts.  Rather than viewing it through the light of today, when we might not understand why anyone would resort to cursing in the name of a higher power, it is helpful to have a little more perspective.  Theologian Tomas O Curraoin writes about curses in an article for the Irish Catholic Digest the Furrow:
“The stand taken by the Old Testament was certainly uncompromising; whereas the contemporary world which influences us all is, to say the least, more accommodating. The maledictions found in the psalms are merely an expression of that fundamental attitude of the Old Testament to evil and to evil-doers. They take their origin in certain human situations, and express an attitude to God, to Life, to the cosmic struggle between good and evil, which is certainly not characteristic of the world-attitude today. In fact, there is no question of justifying, in the sense of excusing, the use of curses in the psalms. The psalms are inspired, and do not need to be justified…” (from “The Malediction in the Psalms”)

Pure Witch Spell Casting
There is a fundamental key to regaining our place in the universe but it can’t come to fruition without a few key elements which are a commitment, dedication, willingness to make your path a priority, and helping others to find their way back to the source of our existence.

Our Guarantee
At Top Love Spells, we understand that you might be skeptical about the power of spell casting, metaphysics, and astrology. But we’re not. People come to us looking for spells that work. We are so sure that our products and services will work for you, we offer an unconditional ONE-YEAR money back guarantee. So, you’ve got nothing to lose!
If you are not completely satisfied with any item or service you are served, we will refund your money for up to one full year after the service was taken. When our guarantee was introduced in 2014, some customers were skeptical. Friends and business acquaintances told us we were being foolish. However, it’s been one of the keys to our success. We cherish our thousands of repeat customers, many of whom we know by name.
Our one year unconditional guarantee assures our customers they will be satisfied, or they will receive their money back. Period. No questions asked.
To request a refund, please contact us:

Advanced Money Spells
To Open Wide The Gates Of Wealth PossibilitiesI feel uncomfortable putting advanced spells in this article. Thousands of people will be reading this, and there is no way for me to tell if everyone who gets a hold of it will be ready for advanced spells. (spells that will change your life in ways you have never dreamed)One thing I must say at the beginning here is to be very careful about casting Black Magic Spells you find for free on the internet. You never know who the person is who created. In order to be able to earn a lot of money, you need a good mindset, and vigilant thinking. This Spell will help you see make the right financial decisions, which will result in obtaining lots of money! No one ever complains that they have too much money, and I doubt you would either!

Free Healing Spells
"Healing spells" are some of the most popular types of magick, after Love and Money Spells, of course. Unfortunately, spells for health can be tricky because they involve a lot more than the subtle influences used to find a partner or gain some financial improvements. Doing magick to physically heal the body is not always successful because you are trying to influence some very concrete physical conditions. Of course, I'm talking about physical healing when I say that. Healing spells for emotional wounds are a little different. I'll get to those later. For now, here are some basic health spells for physical healing, as well as some more specifically "Wiccan healing spells" also. You can find "healing spells" related to fertility on other web pages.

Lost Love Spells

Lost Love Spells
If you love someone, then that love must be perceived by the other person and returned in some fashion if anything is going to develop. The whole process of courting a potential lover is getting that exchange to occur. This is called mutual attraction, and if it doesn’t exist or even have the potential for existing, then forget about anything further happening. Thus getting your beloved’s attention so that they will focus on you is the first important step. However, that is just the beginning.  You have to somehow appeal to what that other person desires in some manner (or stumble upon it by accident), so changing and augmenting how you look, act and even smell is important. I might also add that people who are considered naturally attractive usually have more confidence in their ability to attract others to them. The rest of us who are not so endowed must make the best of what we have. Yet certainly attractive clothes and an attractive style can make up for what one lacks in stature, physique and appearance - at least to a point..
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Love Spells For Working Class

Urgent Love Spells
Love will have you seeing the Abnormal;
questioning the decision of your Heart.
Is all that once was just that, once was?
Have I been blind for so long, that my Happiness was Dreamt?
When I approached that fork in the road of my Life,
was I supposed to make a left instead of going right?
Is this where I'm to be, here with them?
I wonder...

Services we provide at top love spells
Spiritual guidance from 09 am to noon
"Remove Curse only performed at midnight"
"Binding love spells and Lost love spells"
"Love chant for truthful "
Love charms, love amulets and talismans
Perfect love spells for teenagers
Cating "love spells" for men

Love Improvement
Even if your lover appears to have thrown in the towel . We have thirteen years of experience in tackling with situations related to spiritual love problems. We can help to guide you to happiness and peace of mind we can help individuals and couples surpass life's relationship challenges caused by spiritual reasons, this spell is intended to channel communication and assist to restore relationships , sparked a romance rekindle the flame if performed well.


Bring Back Lost Love VOODOO 
The link between this Magical Practice and Voodoo was established through the presentation of the latter in Western popular culture during the first half of the 20th century.

Commitment Spells
Yes, it is possible to bring back a lost aficionado with "Voodoo Spells" even if they've been in another place for you for an aspiration time. But it all depends on the position of the part, and on whether they continually brandish a spangle of love for you in their soul. Not solitary that, but the "magickal translation" - the "voodoo ritual" - has to be configured economically to subdue the barriers and blockages that would begin in the company of you and a love that has been lost for an aspiration time. But it is sensible, restricted the veritable position.

Spells to Make Him Propose
And sometimes domestic can be soulmates, and yet, by chance due to paying off lingering karmic amount outstanding, they cannot delay together and cannot be in reserve. In view of that state is an ostensibly perpetual outing of break-ups and reuniting. In cases such as that, voodoo spells, such as my think box, which intimation powerful ways to integrate a match up, contribute a "Realignment" on the seas of the group to bring two domestic together indestructibly.

Real Voodoo Spell Casters
A spell is an act of powerful and focused volition that rallies all the emotional and mental energies combined with prayers, incantations and certain ritualistic steps directed to achieve some positive goals. A spell may be in the form of a prayer, writing, speech, action, dancing, drawings or sketching. It involves a kind of magical occurrence, which does not mean any sleight of hand, esoteric mumbo jumbo or trickery that is seen every day. Magick or spell is a creative and transformative performance.  It involves intense, powerful ability and pinpointed concentration over thoughts, intentions, emotions and incarnating them into reality. The altruistic aim is to bring about a health, happy and useful change in the life of the seeker. The preliminary step in casting a spell is to draw a circle. This is a sacred space, a special zone between the two worlds, an area that is prohibited against the entry of unwanted elements. It serves as your exclusive energy field. You need to clean and purify it thoroughly by sweeping it and burning incense to create the necessary "spiritual ambience". One way of protecting the circle from unwanted or elements or Evil Energies is to build watchtowers, corner posts or quarters around the circle to guard against the transgressors into the sacred domain.


 Witchcraft Or Spells Or Any Magic should be done to help others or I may warn you don't try to do it for negative purpose as it is against law and nature
Please also note

Casting a spell or creating a good luck piece is more art than science, and even the most gifted traditional healers will not be successful every time. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest. This is why then we offer 100% consultation free and one-year unconditional guarantee: If you're not completely satisfied, we'll repeat the healing process free of charger until you achieve your desired results. No questions asked.

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Love Spells In Sandton

Photo binding love spell
Binding Love Spell, Binding love spell is a oldest types of magic spells and their history traced back to Egyptian, Roman and Ancient Greek times. The Egyptians created a little figure and inserted pins into in order to get out the love. They believed that this action gained the attention of spirits and deities. Binding love spell is tying someone to you; people who are very close to psychic abilities can easily know their soul mate. There are few meta ways that can help you in recognizing the connection between you and your soul mate. One of the most exasperating feelings in the world is being in love with someone who does not realize how important and powerful the connection is. Binding love spells are done basically to assist tie a knot between two loving hearts. Many may think that speaking to god is not a true thing and it is not going to happen. Love bind spell is not a perfect formula to speak to god. Some people also think that there is not real emotion in it. One of the most important things is any magic if you do it through heart and if you have good faith on it; the magic can give you success. Otherwise the ritual doesn’t work or you will not get the desired results.

Memetic Jewish tarot bone generator
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Love Spells That Can't Be Broken

Love will have you seeing the Abnormal;
questioning the decision of your Heart.
Is all that once was just that, once was?
Have I been blind for so long, that my Happiness was Dreamt?
When I approached that fork in the road of my Life,
was I supposed to make a left instead of going right?
Is this where I'm to be, here with them?
I wonder...

Romance and the emotions it evokes will always be an essential, if ubiquitous part of living. Not easily defined and less easily found, when it comes our way we must embrace it for as long as we can.

Not all love spells are black magic. You must feel relieved at hearing me say that… but love spells that aren’t dark aren’t truly love spells — they are prayers, petitions, and healing spells. Your pray for good love to find you, a good partner you deserve. You light a pink or white candle carved with your wishes to do so. You petition deities of love with sweet offerings so that they favour you and send you healthy love and good sex or maybe you present them with a list of attributes for your perfect/preferred lover (I’ve done this and highly recommend it if you’re getting frustrated with a string of bad romances).

Love spell through love poem

Captive Passions

"I wish to possess you"
I wish to entrance you
"I want to make you mine."
"Let me be your captor"
Let me bind you up
I’ll show you wonders divine.

Willing Slave

Your love has me trapped.
I cannot move, I cannot breathe.
But I don’t want to be let go
Please don’t ever set me free.
You are my jailor
I am your slave.
I am yours forever
Until I go to the grave.

"Simple love spells for winning a man"
If you want it to work you must be willing to go all the way and accept the consequences. How badly do you want their heart? How badly do you want their body? Do you care that it may only be temporary? Will you do it anyway if it only lasts for a month, a year? "Love spells" can’t last forever if the desire is not mutual, but especially not spells of lust. Once it wears off it will be replaced with disgust. But if the spark is already there, such magic can only intensify it. Although you should often interact with your man, this should be done at short intervals. Make calls to him. Send him text messages and show him love whenever the opportunity strikes. However, you should also allow him to have some space. Do not clutter his being with insistent intrusions and unnecessary attempts at winning his love. The most infamous mistake that females make is to revolve around their partner and completely making them sleepless. Do not be sad, be aware that there will always be moments and a couple would like to be alone.

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Love Spells are very effective; love is no longer one of the troubles because the love spell solves all of them. As much as having a positive mentality can help, you also need a perfectly experienced love spells witchcraft that will guide and assist you in controlling the positive spirit to solve all your possible love problems very fast, and that will be the Black Magic that has been used by our forefathers and still works even today to keep the flame of love burning.
There is always a reason behind every situation, just like there is always an answer to every question, many questions you must be asking yourself at the moment about your love life –is she/he the one, will I ever trust, will I be loved back as much as I love, can I ever be happily married? Perhaps these are all the questions you are asking yourself on your daily basis but they are the bad habit that is enhancing negativity and inviting bad energies but the good part is that it does not have to be like that, the ball can always be turned around, Black magic is there and responsible for all those reasons and love spell will answer all the above questions.
Black magic goes very well with peace and morality, meaning as much as the spells are very much effective but casting a spell on someone you do not love is the biggest mistake that one can do. Secondly but most important as well is to avoid Casting Love Spell to someone who loves someone else or who is in a strong relationship with someone else, this is because the energies won’t be as effective as they can be, rather cast a spell on someone who you in love with but facing problems of commitment and other possible problems for lovers
Many people out there respect the Black magic and it is because of the power it has proven to their lives which left them happily ever after.
Top Love spells use the most ancient techniques which work very effectively in a very short space of time. The techniques are not so hard to do just that you need to follow the exact directions that he gives to make it work perfectly.
Black Magic that Dr. conducts reach where others can never reach; he makes what others have seen as the impossible and he has enhanced any problem solving any love issue e have came across, whatever the question, he have the answer. Contact him now and get the answers to your problems.

Healing Witchery Services:

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